How to Convert Struct Fields into Map String

Here is the step-by-step guide to converting struct fields to map in Go:

  1. Use the “reflect” package to inspect the struct’s fields.
  2. Iterate over the struct’s fields, retrieving the field name and value.
  3. Store each field name and value in a map.


package main

import (

type Person struct {
  Name string
  Age int

func StructToMapString(input interface{}) map[string]interface{} {
  result := make(map[string]interface{})

  // Use reflection to inspect the input
  value := reflect.ValueOf(input)
  typeOf := value.Type()

  // Iterate over the fields of the struct
  for i := 0; i < value.NumField(); i++ {
    fieldName := typeOf.Field(i).Name
    fieldValue := value.Field(i).Interface()
    result[fieldName] = fieldValue

  return result

func main() {
  p := Person{Name: "John", Age: 30}
  mapped := StructToMapString(p)


map[Age:30 Name:John]

That’s it!


To convert a golang struct to a map, use the reflect package, iterate over the struct’s fields, and store each field name and value.

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