How to Check If String Contains Substring in Golang

To check if a string contains a substring in Golang, you can use the strings.Contains() function from the strings package.


package main

import (

func main() {
  str := "Hello, Go is awesome!"
  substr := "Go"

  if strings.Contains(str, substr) {
    fmt.Printf("String '%s' contains the substring '%s'.\n", str, substr)
  } else {
    fmt.Printf("String '%s' does not contain the substring '%s'.\n", str, substr)


String 'Hello, Go is awesome!' contains the substring 'Go'.

In this example, we used a strings.Contains() function to check if the str contains the substr.

The function returns true if the substring is found and false otherwise. We then printed a message based on the result.

Remember to import the strings package to use the strings.Contains() function.

That’s it.

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