How to Check If the String Ends with Specified Suffix in Golang

To check if the string ends with a specified suffix in Golang, you can use the HasSuffix() function. It is “used to check whether a given string ends with a specified Suffix string.” It returns True if the given string ends with the specified Suffix string; otherwise, it returns False.


func HasSuffix(s, prefix string) bool


  1. s: It is an input string.
  2. prefix: It is a string that represents the suffix.

Return value

The return type of this function is of the bool type.

Example 1

package main

import (

func main() {
  // Initializing the Strings 
  s := "Golang is a modern programming language."

  // Using the HasSuffix Function
  result1 := strings.HasSuffix(s, "language.")
  result2 := strings.HasSuffix(s, "technology.")

  // Display the HasSuffix Output
  fmt.Println("Given String ends with 'language.'? :", result1)
  fmt.Println("Given String ends with 'technology.'? :", result2)


Given String ends with 'language.'? : true
Given String ends with 'technology.'? : false

Example 2

package main

import (

// Main function
func main() {

  // Creating and initializing strings
  s1 := "Go is a great programming language!"
  s2 := "OpenAI is leading in AI research and development." 

  // Checking if the given strings end with the specified suffixes
  // Using HasSuffix() function
  res1 := strings.HasSuffix(s1, "language!")
  res2 := strings.HasSuffix(s1, "Python!")
  res3 := strings.HasSuffix(s2, "development.")
  res4 := strings.HasSuffix(s2, "science.")
  res5 := strings.HasSuffix("Welcome to OpenAI", "OpenAI")
  res6 := strings.HasSuffix("Exploring new technologies", "technologies")
  res7 := strings.HasSuffix("Embrace the future with AI", "past")

  // Displaying results
  fmt.Println("Does String 1 end with 'language!'? ", res1)
  fmt.Println("Does String 1 end with 'Python!'? ", res2)
  fmt.Println("Does String 2 end with 'development.'? ", res3)
  fmt.Println("Does String 2 end with 'science.'? ", res4)
  fmt.Println("Does 'Welcome to OpenAI' end with 'OpenAI'? ", res5)
  fmt.Println("Does 'Exploring new technologies' end with 'technologies'? ", res6)
  fmt.Println("Does 'Embrace the future with AI' end with 'past'? ", res7)


If the String Ends with Specified Suffix in Golang

That’s it!

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