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Sprint Chase Technologies is a company that owns an AskGolang blog.

Krunal Lathiya and Ankit Lathiya own the company.

The official address of the company is: 

Sprint Chase Technologies

TwinStar, South Block – 1202,

150 Ft Ring Road, Nr. Nana Mauva Circle,

360005, Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Author Information

Krunal Lathiya

Krunal Lathiya is a Software Engineer with over eight years of experience. He has developed a strong foundation in computer science principles and a passion for problem-solving.

Krunal Lathiya is an expert in the Go language which includes System Tools, Networking, and Distributed Systems. Golang is a versatile language used in many applications, from web development to networking and distributed systems, making it a popular choice for developers across various industries.

He will also offer specific solutions to the errors, enabling you to gain insight into the root cause of the error and its resolution. As an experienced developer, he encountered numerous challenges in understanding the fundamental concepts of this field.

Through his experiences over the years, he has developed strategies, he hoped to share them with other developers through this platform.

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Email address: krunallathiya10@gmail.com

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